CASE STUDY offers multilingual software-supported training solutions for employed warehouse workers and temporary workers. From work safety and basic knowledge about warehouse activities to concrete skills and work instructions, supports customers such as Ingram Micro in documenting and training standards across teams, shifts and locations. With a focus on onboarding, re-training and continuous improvement, facilities can also increase safety and compliance, productivity and quality in ramp-ups and peak seasons.


  • Founded: 2018

  • Employees: 14

  • Sector: E-Learning



CHALLENGES FACING HOW.FM is a young company with a fast-growing team. Some employees have been companions for many years, while others have just joined the team. The team is at the top of the company’s values, therefore communication is an important pillar for the company’s success, also to avoid or mediate conflict situations.

This leads to the following goals for

  • Achieving effective communication that can successfully accompany the company’s growth

  • Using communication methods to address conflicts and problems at an early stage and solve them together

  • Knowing and being able to apply tools and concepts for effective communication


The learning program “Understood?! Communicate consciously and effectively” is specifically designed to meet the challenges of In this training the participants learn a lot about how to communicate effectively with work colleagues.

For, it was particularly important to have a training that does not only provide “standard answers” or theories, but also offers room for exchange. Our product troodi Hybrid offered the ideal solution: virtual 1:1 or group training sessions and online learning programs alternate at regular intervals.

Our trainers constantly kept in touch with and were readily available for further questions and personal feedback – which was perceived as a great addition to the digital learning programs. Time independence, autonomous online learning, and individual coaching – a perfect combination for

“The content accurately reflects our sense of understanding. The follow-up one-on-one with the trainer both manifests the new collective understanding of the learning and fosters our employees’ commitment to taking charge of their own development.”


How do you deal with specific situations in everyday work? These and similar questions were addressed in the 1:1 workshops that took place in between the independent online learning units. The numerous self-reflection exercises helped not only reflect on their own active communication, but also to take a closer look at interpersonal communication. This had a strengthening effect on the overall teamwork.


  • Relevant and real-life topics that occur daily at work and in private life

  • The mixture of methods consisting of videos, text, and worksheets

  • Internalizing the content at any time and place

  • Consolidating the learned knowledge in the classroom training sessions and discuss further questions with the coaches


troodi helped’s leaders and employees to interact more transparently and communicate more effectively. In order to maintain a communicative working atmosphere in the future, would like to continue using troodi. The leader can imagine that troodi’s other learning programs, especially on leadership skills, can also support the company effectively.

  • Various techniques for problem solving in situations of miscommunication can now be applied

  • Support for active and interpersonal communication was provided

  • Teamwork was additionally strengthened

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