New Horizon GmbH

New Horizon GmbH has two products to offer: Gapless helps owners, collectors and dealers to digitize the vehicle history of all cars and store it in the block chain. Simply put: Gapless provides efficient and free management of vehicles via smartphone.

With Timeless Investments it has never been easier to invest in real classics: With the app, shares in special collector’s items can be purchased – and starting at just 50 €.


  • Year of foundation: 2018

  • Number of employees: approx. 20

  • Products: Timeless & Gapless

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The new generation of leaders at New Horizon GmbH have had little management experience up till now. They still need to orientate themselves in their leadership role and would like to have concepts and tools to be able to go into situations in a more reflective and conscious manner in order to react appropriately. In addition, they face the challenge that each team member has different needs towards a leader. The one solution, the one leadership style, does not exist. So how does effective individual leadership succeed?

New Horizon GmbH is committed to supporting its junior managers in the individual development of their leadership skills.

This leads to the following goals for New Horizon GmbH:

  • Development of general management skills

  • Fostering individual leadership of individual team members

  • Understanding and applying tools and concepts for leadership in specific situations


The learning packages “Good Boss – confident and successful people leadership” and “Understand?! Communicate consciously and effectively” are especially designed for the challenges of New Horizon GmbH. In these trainings the participants learn a lot about dealing with employees as well as about different leadership styles and effective communication with work colleagues.

It was particularly important for New Horizon GmbH to complete a training that not only provides “standard answers” or theories, but also gives room for communication. Our product troodi Hybrid offers the perfect solution: (virtual) face-to-face coaching and customized online learning programs regularly rotate.

Our trainers were in constant contact with New Horizon GmbH and were always available for questions and personal feedback – this was perceived as a great addition to the digital learning programs. Independent online learning and individual coaching – a perfect combination for New Horizon GmbH.

“I had the aha moment in the coaching. Thanks to the basis of the theory, the coaching could be used to the fullest extent to address concrete examples from my everyday work. It is not only the perspective into the future, but also into the past that is exciting. Being confirmed in some actions is very motivating. Recommendations for future actions are just as useful.”

How do you deal with specific situations in everyday working life? These and similar questions were addressed in the personal workshops that took place in between the independent online learning units. The numerous self-reflection exercises helped the New Horizon leaders to rethink their own behavior – and to approach employee meetings with a fresh mindset.

This has led to a better communication with the employees and thus fostered an even better working atmosphere overall.


  • Friendly coaches and the continuous dialogue with them

  • Questions about the learning content are always possible

  • The high quality of the learning programs, in particular the coherent storyline, the motivating structure of the training, the added value of the content and the good mix of worksheets, videos and text

 “I particularly liked the direct approach in the online learning programs. This way I always had the feeling that the coach was taking care of me individually and that I was not just a participant in a group course”.

Sascha, team leader backend


troodi has contributed significantly to the leaders’ orientation in their new role. Therefore, troodi will remain a companion of New Horizon GmbH.

  • Within a short period of time, New Horizon team leaders have learned new leadership tools and gained a new awareness for successful communication

  • Leadership competencies were significantly strengthened

  • Self-reflection has led to an improvement in the working atmosphere

  • Targeted coaching sessions have given New Horizon GmbH important knowledge for the individual leadership of employees

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