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With our e-learning and blended learning paths, we support people and organizations in their development.


Digital competence, technology, and experience provide solutions for the current challenges in people and organizational development. Troodi focuses on the combination of digital learning programs and effective face-to-face workshops.

Challenges for organizations

Digitalization is changing the way we work and learn. In the context of shortage of skilled workers, upskilling and reskilling are becoming increasingly important. Digital learning holds great potential as it enables scalability and individualization of people development measures.

However, digital learning projects often fail because the needs of the learners and the organizational learning culture are not taken into account, which is reflected in low learner engagement and low completion rates. It becomes clear that in people and organizational development, one-size-fits-all solutions do not work.

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Troodi’s Solutions

  • Customized learning offerings for the individual needs of our client organizations
  • Combination of traditional and digital learning formats
  • Self-directed individual learning at one’s own pace, adapted to the individual skill level and learning type
  • Blended learning formats combine self-learning with live-sessions for further reflection and practical application

= An effective mix of methods for sustainable development.

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Our Expertise

Troodi’s focus lays on the development of important soft skills in the areas of leadership, communication, and collaboration. With over 100 digital learning programs, we cover all relevant topics of future skills. Our expertise in people and organizational development combined with our innovative digital learning platform result in completion rates of over 90% and an average rating of over 4.2 out of 5 stars for our learning programs.

How we work


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Data Driven Learning Success

With comprehensive daily data analyses, we ensure maximum success throughout the entire life cycle of a project: from set-up, through implementation, to evaluation.

Project Start

Project Start

Data gathering supports the identification of learning needs and development needs within the organization: Learning needs analysis, competency assessment and 360˚ feedback.

Project Execution

Project Execution

Real-time data provides an overview of participation and learning progress. They support the selection of appropriate measures to ensure success, motivation and communication.

Project End

Project End

Evaluation data enable a dedicated analysis and targeted adaptation for follow-up projects. Continuous optimization of measures ensures maximum project success.

People & Organizational Development Experts

Troodi is experienced in the implementation of people and organizational development measures.

Coaching group

In our blended learning projects, we work together with our experienced project partners, who are each renowned experts in their field. Through the combination of content expertise and digital people and organizational development competence, we successfully implement change projects in a short time and with high sustainability. We have presented some of our past projects in case studies.

Content that works

The troodi learning platform and its content are tailored to the needs and learning success of the learners.

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Our 100% handmade learning programs, produced according to troodi standards, make self-directed learning diverse and entertaining.
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Our trainers are authentic and approachable partners for personal learning success and may be booked for follow-up measures if necessary.

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The combination of a wide variety of methods and activation measures provide a coherent mix and ensure a motivating learning concept.

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Blended learning concepts that combine digital self-learning and live-sessions with experts.

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Online Coaching in group
Online Coaching troodi
Coaching on flipchart
Online Coaching in group
Online Coaching troodi

Interested in our E-Learnings or Blended Learning Journeys?

Does our approach sound interesting to you? Find out more in a personal meeting with us!

Our Values

Enthusiasm in everyday Life

We create experiences that leave a positive memory, motivate us and our customers every day and exceed expectations.

Close to people

We put ourselves in the position of others and respect them for who they are and what they know, for their abilities and experiences as individuals. Through our empathy we consider needs and create a feeling of home.

Progress as Standard

Day after day, we expand our competencies and use the appropriate technologies to enable participation anytime and anywhere, but also to create the best possible experience.

Honesty creates Trust

We share information, knowledge, and advice constructively and regularly with everyone. We live transparency and work at eye level.

Enable Change

We accompany people who want to develop themselves further. We help them to achieve sustainable effects and to develop themselves individually.

Troodi is part of the CONTRACT Foundation

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The goal of the non-profit CONTRACT Foundation is to support a change in the working world towards greater equality, diversity and social, economic and environmental sustainability. We are proud to make a small contribution to this higher purpose every day.

Our Team

troodi Team
troodi Team

Our team of trainers, content creators, filmmakers, consultants, and software developers makes troodi what it is: a lively place where people work together on the future of people and organizational development with energy, courage, and optimism.

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