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Our digital learning platform troodi grow is extremely user-friendly and can be used intuitively. This makes online learning fun!


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User feedback on the platform

Hannah, HR Manager

“I liked the handling and the great variety between the videos, worksheets and texts. Especially this structure with the many short videos allows you to take out only certain modules if you are already familiar with the topic and, for example, just want another refresher or a new impulse.”

Maike, Department Lead

“Entertaining and amusing with many suggestions and eureka moments. Especially the worksheets are helpful to have something in hand after finishing the learning program.”

Gordon, Team Lead

“I just finished the e-learning Conflict Management and I think it was super awesome! Everything was explained and summarized very clearly. I also liked the exercises a lot and the videos are presented in a very authentic way. Very close to the people and very practical. Exceptionally well done and really enriching!”

Topic areas

Troodi’s learning platform portfolio includes German and English learning programs in nine different topic areas:


Personality development & mindset

Health & inner balance

Presence & personal brand


Productive teamwork

Successful communication

Agility &
New Work


Leading yourself

Leading individuals & teams

Management & organizational development

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