“Hacking digital learning”
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Digitalization is changing the way we work and learn. More and more organizations want to take advantage of the enormous potential that lies in digital and blended development measures. However, digital learning projects often fail, as shown in low learner engagement and low completion rates.


Digital learning needs certain framework conditions! Based on a variety of projects with different organizations – from startups to SMEs to large enterprises – we have identified several variables that determine the success of a learning project.


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Why we need digital learning in organizations


Challenges of digital learning


8 practical tips for successful implementation


Best practices from several client projects

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Let’s talk about digital learning

Julian Workshop


Success factors for digital learning in organizations

25th of January, 4 – 5 pm SAST

In this interactive workshop, we will examine the opportunities and challenges of digital self-learning in organizations. Based on 8 success factors, we will discuss how learning opportunities should be designed and integrated to be effective in the long run.
You can sign up for the LinkedIn event or message us at jacqueline.soldan@troodi.de.